Insignia Freshtag Intelligent Labels™
Insignia Freshtag Intelligent Labels™ - Monitors the total shelf life of products.

An innovative new time and temperature monitoring label for individual items, cases or pallets. The labels change colour over a precalibrated time. The labels are both time and temperature sensitive and will change colour faster if the product is stored above the recommended guideline temperature, as such they offer a more accurate description of product freshness than the use by date. The Freshtag is also a useful stock rotation tool for quick service restaurants.   FRESHTAG TOTAL SHELF LIFE MONITORING
  • Enhances food safety
  • Enhances freshness
  • Reduces waste
  • Eliminates language / training issues
  • Saves time
  • Easily identifies older stock
  • Cost effective
Insignia Temperature Monitor Intelligent Labels™
Insignia Temperature Monitor Intelligent Labels™ - Monitors temperatures of individual cases.

A new single journey colour changing temperature monitoring label that offers real time indications of abuse of products rather than air temperature breaches. Ideal for use on individual cases in a truck or a container.   TEMPERATURE MONITOR FOR DISTRIBUTION
  • Enhances food safety
  • Improves customer confidence
  • Easily identifies major temperature failures
  • Works alongside existing temperature monitoring systems
  • Eliminates language / training issues
  • Cost effective

Insignia CO2 Detection Pallet Intelligent Labels™
Insignia CO2 Detection Pallet Intelligent Labels™ - Designed for fresh food distribution centres, the large CO2 Detection Pallet label visually signals CO2 levels inside modified atmosphere pallets.

The label is placed inside the pallet of berries before the pallet is shrouded and gas flushed with CO2. The yellow check mark appears to show the correct level of CO2 has been achieved. The check mark will disappear if the CO2 leaks from the pallet.

Allows identification and repackaging of pallets where defective shrouding has begun leaking, protecting precious produce in transit.

Contact our team to work with you to define the parametres you need designed into the intelligent labels so that your products’ freshness is visible at every step of the transit process avoiding delays and holding shippers to a higher standard.