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In recent years, Insignia’s patented intelligent inks and films have successfully transcended industries to become a key ingredient to medical device ideation, development, and commercialisation.

With the incorporation of our technology, innovators in the space have been able to devise approaches to innovate approaches to testing and adding clarity to decontamination processes.


One standout application has been our medical SafeTag which is a time-based indicator initially designed to improve the mistaken use of endoscopes which have fallen out of their ‘use window’.


Smart Labels

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The phrase ‘drowning in paperwork’ is a fitting description of how many nurses and healthcare providers feel about the wave of administration that breaks over them every day. When issues arise, systems, processes, checks and balances become more cumbersome with the need to pour over patient and process related forms ever increasing.


Within the healthcare industry, public and private healthcare providers continue to turn to Insignia to improve decontamination processes and mitigate risk to patient wellbeing.


Using our SafeTag product, hospitals and clinics have been able to drive cultural change within medical teams, increase efficiency of outdated or cumbersome protocols, and improve patient safety, all while keeping or even reducing day to day costs to their departments.

Working in Healthcare? Let us help:


  • Product proof of concept

  • Fee-for-service R&D

  • Licensing and commercialisation opportunities

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